Amy Ben-Dov has nearly 30 years of experience in the world of Jewish Education.  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Science, she made aliya.  

Amy was licensed by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism as a Tour Guide and has spent many years as an educator throughout the country. She then attended Hebrew University and has a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Jewry (Yahadut Zmanenu)

After many years of guiding, Amy went on to teach and coordinate at NFTY’s High School in Israel program, as well serving as the Director of Education for all of NFTY’s  Israel programs.

In the last decade, Amy has worked on program development,  and guide training, especially during her tenure as the CEO of Israel Seminar, a boutique travel company. After leaving Israel Seminar, Amy and her husband started their own travel consultancy, and Amy both guided clients throughout the country as well as doing all travel planning.

Most recently, Amy has trained the next generation of licensed tour guides as the coordinator of the Israel School of Tourism’s Jerusalem course. During the year of the pandemic, Amy has successfully created innovative virtual tours of Israel.  

Outside of work, Amy enjoys the outdoor life and finding new adventures to experience all over Israel and the world.  Her friends can always count on her to suggest a great way to spend a few hours or even a few days. Amy and her husband, Gadi, have two children, Niv and Ori, and are about to move from their current home in Modiin, back to their true love, Jerusalem.