Dr. Jeremy Benstein is an educator, author, and Hebrew lover. He holds a BA in linguistics from Harvard, a master’s degree in Judaic studies from the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem, and a doctorate in cultural anthropology from Hebrew University. He grew up in the Midwest and moved to Israel over 35 years ago. Along the way, he helped found the Heschel Center for Sustainability in Tel Aviv.
He is currently the managing editor of 929-English (Tanakh: Age-Old Text, New Perspectives – www.929.org.il) and lives in Zichron Yaakov with his wife, Prof. Annabel Herzog, five children, two cats, and many books. He is the author of two books. The first, The Way Into Judaism and the Environment (Jewish Lights, 2006), is an outgrowth of his work on Jewish studies and environmental issues. His most recent one, Hebrew Roots, Jewish Routes: A Tribal Language In a Global World (Behrman House, 2019) is a labor of love for and about the Hebrew language and its role in Jewish history, identity, and peoplehood. He has written and lectured widely on the topic of Hebrew and Jewish peoplehood and identity in North America and Israel.