Eliana Gordon was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has more than 25 years of experience as a Hebrew and Jewish Studies. During all these years, Eliana has gained a plethora of varied experience, having taught for 14 years in the Diaspora (Argentina, Mexico and USA) and for 12 years in Israel.

Eliana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible Studies from Oranim Academic College of Education, Israel, a Master’s Degree in Jewish Education from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a Teaching Certificate in Hebrew Language and Jewish Studies from Mijlelet Shazar, the Hebrew Teachers College in Buenos Aires. In addition, she specializes in teaching Bible (Universidad Hebraica de México), Hebrew as a second language (The MOFET Institute, Israel), pedagogical coordination (Open University of Israel), project-based learning (The Center for Educational Technology, Israel) and teacher guidance (Gordon Academic College, Israel). In 2008, Eliana won the Alejandro Saltiel Award for Excellence in Teaching, awarded to outstanding teachers in the Jewish schools’ network in Mexico.

After 12 years of working in Jewish schools and teaching afterschool Hebrew classes, she participated in the ‘Senior Educators’ program at the Melton Center at Hebrew University. Following a fascinating year, she immigrated to Israel and began working at the Hebrew Reali School in Haifa, first as an educator in the elementary school, then as a pedagogical coordinator, facilitator of new teacher training and as a member of the school’s pedagogical team. While on the team, she led the shift to project-based learning and participated in the development of the new pedagogical programs, which promote self-regulation in learning processes. Concurrently, she was a Bible instructor for the Ministry of Education and took part in writing the new program for all schools in Israel.

During her time in Israel, Eliana performed many roles for the communities in the Diaspora. She was a pedagogical instructor in the ‘Chalav U’dvash’ program, taught courses in Bible and Hebrew to teachers in Latin America at Hebrew University, participated in building the Jewish Museum in Chile and gave lectures and courses at the Hebraica University in Mexico.

Eliana relocated to the Bay Area in 2021 due to her husband’s employment. Since her arrival, she has assumed the role of Pedagogical Manager at ‘Beged Kefet Hebrew School’ located at the JCC Palo Alto. In addition to her responsibilities at the school, she also delivers lectures on the subject of DI at Hebraica University and provides guidance to local institutions on enhancing the effectiveness of Hebrew instruction methods.