As an HATC Advisor, Esti works with a number of schools across North America developing and leading workshops and webinars on Hebrew pedagogy and coaching their Hebrew educational teams. Previously, Esti taught at the Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Boston (SSDS) for over 20 years and, during the last five years, was the Hebrew Literacy Coach at SSDS upper school in Newton MA. Esti administered and oversaw the OPI (Oral Proficiency Interviews) and WPA (Writing Proficiency Assessment) process at SSDS, in which Hebrew students are assessed to determine their level of proficiency in Hebrew. Esti also taught adult Hebrew classes at Boston’s Hebrew College for seven years and Hebrew language courses at Brandeis University for two years. And in 2012-2015 was an instructor for students in the DELET program in Brandeis University working towards their Master’s degree.

Esti has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Haifa University in Israel with a High-School Teaching Certification in Hebrew Language and Hebrew Literature.