Dr. Rina Kreitman is a lecturer at the university of Kent, UK. Prior to her current role, she served as a research associate and a second language acquisition specialist at the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland.
In addition to phonetics, phonology and morphology of Hebrew, her work explores applied linguistics, language acquisition and pedagogy of Hebrew and heritage learners. Previously, Rina directed Emory University’s Hebrew program, where she also lectured as faculty in Jewish Studies and Linguistics. Subsequently, she held a similar position at Columbia University and also lectured at University College London. Rina has published work on Modern Hebrew linguistics and pedagogy in books and journals, presented at numerous conferences and trained college lecturers and Hebrew teachers in pedagogical practices. She is a native/heritage speaker in Hebrew, English and Russian, with additional skills in French, Spanish and Italian. A graduate of Tel Aviv University in linguistics, Rina earned her master’s and doctorate at Cornell University, where her dissertation focused on Hebrew phonetics and phonology.