Mira Angrist, a member of HATC’s Educational Leadership Team, is a senior lecturer and the head of the Hebrew Program at Boston University (BU). Mira’s professional interests includes curriculum development, integrating technology into Hebrew pedagogy, high leverage practices in second language acquisition, and mentoring teachers. Mira teaches all proficiency levels at BU and has created new courses such as Israeli Popular Music, Voices in Israeli Society, and Food Cultures in Israel. From 2014 to 2016, Mira served as coordinator of BU’s “Brown Bag Lunch” professional development talks, involving four language departments. For the 2016-18 academic year, she assumed the role of coordinator of part-time lecturer in the BU World Languages and Literature Department and from 2019 the coordinator of all full time and part time lecturers within her department. In her role as HATC Senior Advisor, Mira has worked with multiple schools across North America, including as a mentor for the Legacy Heritage Teacher Leadership Fellowship program at Brandeis University and created a popular online digital literacy course for Hebrew educators. From 2010 to 2016, Mira served as the Hebrew Director of Prozdor, the supplementary middle and high school program at Hebrew College in Newton, MA. During that time, she revised the entire Hebrew curriculum to achieve a communicative, proficiency-based approach. Mira Angrist holds a Master’s degree from Rutgers University and a BA from Hebrew University. She also earned a post graduate certificate as a Senior Educator from the Melton Center at Hebrew University, specializing in teaching Hebrew as a foreign language and modalities in professional development. Mira is a certified OPI tester and a member of the pedagogical committee at NAPH (National Association of Professors of Hebrew). In June 2019 Mira hosted the NAPH conference at Boston University.