Senior Educational Consultant

Sheri is a dedicated Hebrew educator with a rich and diverse background in second language acquisition. She has made a significant impact on the lives of students both in Israel and the United States. Sheri’s teaching journey began at Muzot High School in Jafa, Israel, where she specialized in instructing English as a second language for youth at risk.

Her commitment to language education extended to Atlanta, GA, where she teaches Hebrew as a second language. Sheri’s expertise and passion for Hebrew language and culture instruction led her to serve as the Hebrew coordinator at The Weber School in Atlanta. Her role involved shaping the Hebrew language curriculum, contributing to the professional growth of her Hebrew team, and expanding the educational development of students.

Sheri holds a Bachelor of Education in special education and English as a second language from Levinsky College in Tel Aviv. Her academic achievements include participation in the excellence program of the Ministry of Education. Furthering her education, she earned a Master of Arts in teaching Hebrew as a second language from Middlebury College. Notably, Sheri was selected as one of ten Mandel Fellows, recognized for her potential to lead positive change in the field of Hebrew language and Culture Education. Sheri is passionate about teaching Hebrew Language and Culture through a critical lens, empowering Jewish children and youth to leverage their privileges toward repairing the world.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Sheri embraces a fulfilling family life. She is a devoted wife and mother to two young children, two dogs, and two cats, and finds balance in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Sheri stands as a testament to the power of education, dedication, and a holistic approach to life.