Tal researches education, languages, history, and the connections between them. They are the pedagogical coordinator for Hebrew at “This Is Not An Ulpan”; an alternative, community language school for adult learners of Hebrew and Arabic. Tal has over ten years experience in language instruction, teacher training, curriculum and resource development. They specialise in Content Based Instruction, Critical/Dialogic Pedagogy, participatory curriculum development, and teaching in multicultural contexts.

Additionally, Tal is a public speaker and writer on issues of linguistic justice, such as gender-inclusive Hebrew, and the relationship between Hebrew and Arabic in Israel today.

They completed their MA in Hebrew Language Pedagogy at Middlebury College, specialising in gender issues in Hebrew language and instruction. They also hold a Teaching Certification in History for middle and upper schools from the Israeli Open University, and a BA in History from University College London.

Tal moved from Jerusalem to London as a child. In London they worked in Jewish education, LGBT+ education, and co-founded the community language school and migrant support project “Babel’s Blessing”. Tal returned to live in Jerusalem in 2016 and has recently joined the team behind The Non-Binary Hebrew Project.

Outside of work, Tal creates Hebrew calligraphic art and enjoys long distance hikes and open water swimming.