Vered Goldstein received her Bachelor’s degree in education with honors from the Tel Aviv University and her Master’s degree in Special Educational Needs from Middlesex University in London. Having been chosen to participate in HATC’s TELEM program Vered received her Hebrew Teaching Advisor Certification in June 2018. demonstrated expertise, leadership and professionalism within their organizations and in the field. This an 18-month certification program, which focuses on preparing a cohort of lead educators from across North America to support institutions and initiatives that are committed to enhancing Hebrew language acquisition by using the proficiency-based approach.

In recent years Vered further advanced her education and experience completing courses such as CJE-JNTP Administrators Cohort (a 2 years course), Creating Cultures of Thinking (Harvard radiate School of Education and Project Zero), Modified Oral Proficiency Course and the Proficiency Approach. Vered also completed the “Tal-Am” training in Paris as well as took courses in Learning Management for Teachers working with pupils with emotional and behavioral difficulties. Her job experience includes working in Human resources at the Bezeq Company (1992-1996) in Israel, as well as teaching at the Wolfson Hillel Primary Day School in Southgate London (1997-2000). Since 2002, Ms. Goldstein has been working as a Hebrew and Judaic teacher at the Jewish Primary Day School, known today as the Milton-Gottesman Jewish day school of the Nation’s Capital. In addition to teaching, since 2013, Vered assumed the position of Hebrew and Judaic Instructional Leader for Early Childhood (Pre-K, K and 1st grade) at the school.

Among the awards Vered received over the years are “Excellence of the Dean” from the Tel Aviv University, “Excellent Employee” while working in Israel, and “Distinguish Soldier of the Base” while serving in the Israeli Defense Force. A native of Israel she became an American citizen in 2008 and is fluent in Hebrew as well as English.