Reach and Impact



By the numbers…
– Worked with over 55 institutions globally.
– Trained more than 400 educators.
– Impacted over 12,000 Hebrew language students.
– Connected hundreds of educational leaders in nearly a dozen network projects.

In the field…
– Developed online Hebrew-learning assessment tools.
– Expanded the Global Seal of Biliteracy to Jewish day school Hebrew language students.
– Collaborated with Middlebury College on a Master’s Program in teaching Hebrew.
– Founded The National Association of Hebrew Teachers and The Council for Hebrew Language and Culture in North America.
– Engaged in the National Association of Professors of Hebrew.


“The proficiency approach is the gold standard of language acquisition, and partnering with HATC has brought that standard to our school for Hebrew language instruction. HATC brings a professional development emphasis to its work with the field of Hebrew language teaching that has filled a void in the educational community. Hebrew is an invaluable connector to the Jewish canon and tradition, and to Israel and Israelis. As it raises the bar in teaching Hebrew, HATC helps forge connections to Jewish life and identity.”

Rabbi Mitch Malkus, Head of School, Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

“HATC brought its expertise to our school and set us on the course for success in Hebrew language instruction. Our teachers now own student outcomes as a team and collaborate together on the development of our students. Teachers now feel more empowered as they work together to deliver a proficiency approach to Hebrew that focuses on student growth over time.”

Avi Halzel, Head of School, CEO, Denver Jewish Day School

“Speaking Hebrew informs the ways that cultural experiences are processed, both cognitively and emotionally. Hebrew at the Center, whose mission is to develop a cadre of high level Hebrew language teachers who can teach students to speak Hebrew proficiently, is leading the way to connect Jews even more. If all Hebrew speakers could process cultural ideas, information, and creative outputs similarly, we would understand each other even more and build more unbreakable bonds.”

Dr. Michelle Rosenbloom, Ben and Esther Rosenbloom Foundation

“Hebrew at the Center is a home for educators that lives and breathes the Hebrew language and inspires teachers to improve and maximize their students’ work in class. Using the tools I’ve acquired, I can see the spark in my learners’ eyes, and I witness progress. As a coach, I guide teachers and provide the necessary professional tools that will build upon student performance. All teachers deserve a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from teaching their language classes.”

Orit Shakarghi, Hebrew teacher and HATC coach