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הפעילו ידע קודם רלבנטי של התלמידים.ות כדי ש”יידבק” לידע החדש

דברים שאנחנו יודעים.ות וזוכרים.ות עוזרים לנו ללמוד דברים חדשים. הפעילו את הסכימות של התלמידים.ות שלכם.ן, למשל בעזרת שאלות על הידע  הקודם שלהם.ןעל מילים בעברית, ידע לשוני נוסף, ידע עולם, ידע אקדמילפני שתלמדו דבר חדש. לחצו כאן לקריאה נוספת בעברית, וכאן באנגלית

Activate students’ relevant prior knowledge so new knowledge “sticks” better to it

Things we already know and remember help us learn new things. Activate your students’ schemata, for example, by asking questions about their relevant prior knowledge – Hebrew vocabulary, language knowledge, world knowledge, academic knowledge – before teaching something new. Click here for additional reading in Hebrew, and here in English. 

Hitkadmut: The Annual Hebrew Language Educators Conference

RESCHEDULED – New Dates: January 28-29, 2024
Make certain your Hebrew teachers, Hebrew leaders, and school leaders join us for the annual professional conference that is propelling the field forward. View more information about this virtual gathering.

2023 State of the Field of Hebrew Language Education Report


We are excited to share the new 2023 State of the Field Report: Hebrew Education in North American Jewish Day Schools.

This report brings together significant work of partners and stakeholders to better understand, recognize and leverage advancements in Hebrew education throughout our field. The 37-page report features aggregated and curated knowledge acquired from our field over the past 12 months.

Our hope is to amplify this collective knowledge, making it available to as many people as possible and ensuring that Hebrew education is a valuable part of the conversation around Jewish education in North America.

Join Hebrew teachers, Hebrew leaders, and other school leaders for an intensive, virtual conference on Sunday, April 3, 11:30 – 3:30 EDT. 

Click here for more information and to register