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The Language of Protest – Accessing Insight Through the Hebrew Language

by Dr. Jeremy Benstein Trying to follow the ups and downs of Israeli politics is hard enough at the best of times. And these are hardly the best of times.

Unabashed Zionists bring joy to Hebrew at Gray Academy, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Some of us live in communities where there are five Jewish day schools and yeshivot within a mile’s radius, while some of us live in states or provinces with only

A Personal Journey: From Math Teacher in Israel, to Jewish Day School Principal in America

Do you love teaching Hebrew at a Jewish day school, but worry that it is a dead-end job? Are you concerned that the only way to get ahead professionally is

TalentEducators: Data-Driven Professional Development for Hebrew Teachers

By: Aharoni Carmel and Yael Harari The statistics for teachers leaving the field are shocking: between 30-50% of teachers in the US resign within the first five years. Research has

Coffee And Politics, Or: From Cups To Coups

By Dr. Jeremy Benstein, HATC Senior Consultant The favorite joke of one of my sons, when he was about four years old, went as follows (translated from the original Hebrew):

Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School of Our Nation’s Capital Named a HATC Demonstration School

This past June, HATC CEO Rabbi Andrew Ergas joined the Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School community to celebrate their successful completion of four plus years as the first school in

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