Our Hebrew Advocacy Efforts

At Hebrew at the Center, our mission transcends the mere teaching of Hebrew; we’re dedicated to reshaping the narrative around Hebrew and advocating for its rightful place within the North American Jewish Community. Guided by strategic approaches and unwavering commitment, our advocacy initiatives aim to elevate Hebrew’s importance, expand its relevance, and reimagine existing narratives. 


Strategies in Action: 

  • Elevating Hebrew’s Priority: 

We diligently engage with organizational, local, and North American leadership to position Hebrew at the forefront of discussions. Collaborating with school and camp leaders, institutional figures, and funders, we advocate for the integration of Hebrew into agendas at all levels. 

By introducing professional and volunteer Hebrew champions within local communities and integrating Hebrew professionals into influential Jewish education teams, we ensure Hebrew’s presence and significance in critical discussions. 

Our commitment extends to publishing Op Eds, articles, and reports that emphasize Hebrew’s intrinsic importance, sparking vital conversations at leadership levels. 

  • Expanding Relevance: 

Through purposeful programming, we strive to engage a broader spectrum within Jewish education. Our initiatives target various sectors, aiming to instill relevance and significance of Hebrew in the lives and identities of a diverse range of Jewish individuals. 

  • Subverting Narratives: 

We are catalysts for change, actively subverting prevailing narratives to usher in new perspectives. Our interventions generate impactful discussions, challenging outdated paradigms and paving the way for a reimagined discourse on Hebrew within the Jewish community. 

Our advocacy endeavors are rooted in the belief that Hebrew is not merely a language but a binding thread that strengthens Jewish identity. Hebrew at the Center remains steadfast in our commitment to fostering a space where Hebrew is celebrated, embraced, and revered as an integral part of Jewish life. Join us in reshaping the dialogue, elevating Hebrew’s significance, and championing its rightful place within the North American Jewish Community.