The Heseg Achievement Award

Every year Hebrew at the Center holds its virtual הישג Heseg (achievement in Hebrew) award ceremony, to celebrate the hard work of middle and high school students who have received the Global Seal of Biliteracy (GSB) in Hebrew language. In order to qualify for the Global Seal of Biliteracy, students must complete the Avant STAMP test in Hebrew language and reach a level of Functional Fluency or Working Fluency.

Hebrew is one of the 130+ language certificates offered by the Global Seal, allowing recipients to provide a credential of their language proficiency to anyone, anywhere in the world. The Avant STAMP 4S is the most universally recognized proficiency test for Hebrew that is used for receiving the Global Seal of Biliteracy.

The Heseg award recognizes the successes of each student, their Hebrew instructor, and their schools. The award motivates more students to aspire to higher levels of proficiency and provide parents and school leaders the opportunity to celebrate language learning excellence. At the 2023 Heseg Award Ceremony, 105 students were award the Heseg certificate by Hebrew at the Center.

To find out if your students qualify for the GSB and the Heseg ceremony, review your students’ Avant scores to determine if they have achieved either of the two levels of fluency defined below:

  • Functional Fluency: at least 5 or higher on all four sections/skills (Intermediate-Mid)
  • Working Fluency: at least 7 or higher on all four sections/skills (Advanced-Low)

To apply for the GSB visit:

To learn more about the Global Seal of Biliteracy or the Heseg award, contact Cindy Dolgin.