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פתחו את השנה עם פעילויות היכרות
Start the school year with Getting-To-Know Activities

פעילויות היכרות לפתיחת השנה חשובות ליצירת אווירה בטוחה בכיתה לכל תלמיד.ה, לחיזוק הקשרים החברתיים, וליצירת תשתית להוראה מותאמת וממוקדת תלמיד.ה. לחצו על הקישורים בעברית באנגלית למגוון רעיונות לפעילויות לפתיחת השנה, והתאימו לכיתה הספציפית שלכם.ן. 

Getting-To-Know-You activities for the beginning of the year are important for creating a safe space for each student, for strengthening social ties, and for informing the design of student-centered tailored instruction. Here are Hebrew and English links for a variety of ideas for activities to start the year, and adapt to your specific class.

2024 State of the Field of Hebrew Language Education Report

We are excited to share the new 2024 State of the Field Report: Hebrew Education in North American Jewish Day Schools.

This report brings together significant work of partners and stakeholders to better understand, recognize and leverage advancements in Hebrew education throughout our field. The 80-page report features aggregated and curated knowledge acquired from our field over the past 12 months.

Join Hebrew teachers, Hebrew leaders, and other school leaders for an intensive, virtual conference on Sunday, April 3, 11:30 – 3:30 EDT. 

Click here for more information and to register