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Whether the setting is a day school, a summer camp, or a part-time setting, Hebrew teachers are at the heart of an excellent education. HATC began its work with this focus and adopted an approach to teaching Hebrew that focuses on developing learners’ authentic ability to function in the language in real life. 

HATC continues to build upon this foundation, spreading our message through model schools, professional development intensives, advocacy and partnerships with thought leaders in a range of settings.

Today, Hebrew at the Center is a central address for supporting Hebrew language instruction and celebrating Hebrew culture, bringing together practitioners, funders, academics, committed laity and enthusiasts dedicated to promoting a love for Hebrew literacy around the world.



Deepen Your Knowledge, Acquire New Tools and Skills, and Increase Student Outcomes

For more information, visit our Professional Learning page or contact Rina Kreitman, Director of Professional Learning.


Professionalize and Support Your Team, Build Increased Leadership Capacity and Create Systemic and Sustainable Departmental Structure

  • Individualized PD for Hebrew Faculty Pre-service and In-service throughout the year (single sessions or workshop series)
  • Hebrew Leaders Professional Learning Community (HLPLC)
  • Individualized or Group Hebrew Faculty Coaching
  • Individualized Hebrew Leader Coaching
  • Consulting in Curricular Mapping/Scope and Sequence, Student Assessment, and Staff Oversight and Assessment
  • Hebrew at the Center Membership – Comprehensive Support for Hebrew Team (including Hebrew Educators Learning Circle – HELC). Learn about the program, an excellent package for your entire staff at a value price!

For more information, visit our Professional Learning page or contact Liat Kadosh, Director of Day School Services


Actualize your School’s or Organization's Hebrew Mission, Analyze Assessment Data in Order to Make Informed Decisions, and Leverage Visibility of your School’s Hebrew Program (internally and externally)

  • School-wide Hebrew Program Baseline Assessment
  • Hebrew Mission Development
  • Consulting on Integration of Hebrew into School-Wide Culture
  • Consulting on How to Leverage Hebrew Student Assessment Data and Analysis Focusing on Recruitment and Retention
  • Parent-Focused Workshops Centered on Second Language Acquisition, Understanding the Role of Hebrew Language and Culture in Jewish Identity, and Advocacy for Hebrew in the Larger Community
  • Board and Donor Engagement to Support Excellence in Hebrew
  • Hebrew at the Center Membership to provide support for your entire Hebrew faculty at a value price!

For more information, contact Dr. Esty Gross, Chief of Staff and Director of Education


Transform Your Community Through Strengthening Jewish Identity

  • Materials to support your child with Hebrew and online opportunities for Hebrew Learning
  • Consulting with your school-wide leadership or organizational board on Hebrew Engagement and making the case for Hebrew
  • Community-Leader focused workshops centered on “Why Hebrew”, understanding the role of Hebrew language and culture in Jewish identity and advocacy in the wider community
  • Community-wide baseline assessments of Hebrew education
  • Support in identifying and developing financial resources to upport Hebrew
  • Forums to engage in Hebrew language and culture programming online
  • Opportunities to join Hebrew at the Center’s efforts in North American and abroad

For more information, contact Rabbi Andrew Ergas, CEO

Join Hebrew teachers, Hebrew leaders, and other school leaders for an intensive, virtual conference on Sunday, April 3, 11:30 – 3:30 EDT. 

Click here for more information and to register