Amitei Ivrit Grant Application Form 2023-2024

We are excited about your interest in Amitei Ivrit and the ways in which this initiative can help you advance your organization’s objectives. As a part of this process, please fill out the application form to the best of your knowledge and intentions for your organization.

This application is a starting point for the process and will continue through subsequent conversations to ensure a good fit between Hebrew at the Center’s programming and your organizational needs and abilities. Please indicate who at your organization is applying to be the Amitei Ivrit/Hebrew Fellow, as well as the person who serves as that individual’s supervisor.

SECTION I: Organizational Information

Fellow Name
Supervisor Name

SECTION II: Organizational Goals

SECTION III: Materials & Numbers

SECTION IV: Important Dates and Scheduling Visits

SECTION V: The Amit/a Ivrit (Hebrew Fellow) and Hebrew Programming

How do you envision the Amitei Ivrit programming taking place {check all that apply}: