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מפגש קהילה מקצועית לומדת הוראת הסיפור בגיל הרך

Exploration of a range of topics relevant to what role memory plays in the learning process of second language.
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 Story Teaching in Early Childhood Language Education

Hebrew at the Center’s fourth discussion meeting took place on Tuesday, Jan. 10th. HATC’s Liat Kadosh and Frieda Robins led this meeting which focused on early childhood story telling. In the meeting Liat shared a recording of an interview conducted by herself with renowned Israeli children’s author Mirik Snir. This meeting served as a “taster” on the topic and we look forward to revisiting the conversation again.

Join Hebrew teachers, Hebrew leaders, and other school leaders for an intensive, virtual conference on Sunday, April 3, 11:30 – 3:30 EDT. 

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