Prizmah Conference 2023 Special Discounts from Hebrew at the Center

Hebrew at the Center (HATC) engages institutions and professionals worldwide with the goal of advancing excellence in Hebrew teaching and learning.  Our vision is a world where Hebrew is vibrant, celebrated, and pivotal to a thriving Jewish identity and the global Jewish community. 

How is HATC bringing about a revolution in Hebrew language education, engagement, and advocacy in North America?

Increasing educators’ and learners’ Hebrew competencies in school settings:

  • Advancing the professionalization of Hebrew language teachers
  • Partnering with schools to improve instruction and student outcomes

Supporting efforts to bring positive experiences of Hebrew to informal Jewish education:

  • Working with camps, Israel trips, and year-round settings to increase Hebrew engagement
  • Developing a robust and customizable digital Hebrew language learning platform

Mobilizing support and advocating among leaders and influencers for Hebrew:

  • Embedding Hebrew professionals in community and sector-leading organizations
  • Reshaping the conversation about Hebrew in North America

What specifically can HATC do for you and your school?

Together, we can strengthen the role Hebrew plays in advancing your school’s mission and strengthen your school’s value proposition and commitment to excellence in Jewish education. Read below to learn more about our services and support for Jewish Day Schools, and to unleash the $10 + 10% + $10 = Strong Student Hebrew Outcomes with the Prizmah 2023 discounts!

HATC Membership

Membership is a value-priced, annual professional learning subscription program that allows access to a range of resources, trainings, coaching, and discounts, along with a community of practice for your entire Hebrew faculty. Membership also includes a school visit, early access to the annual State of the Field Report, and opportunities to highlight your school within the field, Prizmah 2023 participants receive a 10% discount for January – June, with July and August included. Learn more.

Coaching, Training, Mentoring, and Consulting

One of the most impactful methods for professional learning includes 1-to-1 work around content-specific learning. HATC provides coaching and training for Hebrew teachers, mentoring for Hebrew leaders, and consulting services for school professional and lay leadership. To learn more about available services and pricing, contact Liat Kadosh, Director of Day School Services, or Dr. Esty Gross, Chief of Staff & Director of Education. HATC Member Schools receive a 10% discount on all services.

Transformative Embedded Expertise

Intentional and strategic alignment of mission, educational goals, data-driven instruction, and student assessment leads to transformative change that generates stronger student outcomes, attitudes, and behaviors. Informed by HATC’s Theory of Change that emerged from its five-year, $1.2 Million dollar Leading in Hebrew project and its more than fifteen years working in the Jewish day school space, we can work with your team to maximize the investments your school is already making in regard to Hebrew staff, curriculum, and time. This type of work does require commitment, expert facilitation, financial and human resources, and leadership support. For more information, contact Dr. Esty Gross, Chief of Staff & Director of Education. HATC can work with your team to create an effective, school-specific proposal to help you generate philanthropic and communal support to make real your vision for Hebrew.

Student Assessments and Recognition of Achievement

An effective assessment system such as ELLOPA for early childhood and elementary and AVANT for third graders and above informs instruction, provides critical data on how to better support and advance students, and provides essential feedback to students, teachers, and parents. HATC also sponsors the annual Heseg/הישג ceremony, an event that recognizes middle and high school students who have attained the Global Seal of Biliteracy in Hebrew, their teachers, and their schools. This type of approach allows all students to more effectively make progress; HATC can also conduct assessments of attitudes and behaviors about Hebrew with students, teachers, and parents to ensure greater alignment between mission and instruction.  For more information, contact contact Liat Kadosh, Director of Day School Services. HATC Member schools receive a 50% discount on AVANT STAMP assessments, 33% discount on ADVANCE, and 10% discount on MaDYK. 

Professional Learning Webinars, Courses, Conferences, and Certification

Organized around Hebrew at the Center’s Ten Competencies Framework, complimentary online workshops, online courses (in partnership with Hebrew College), and Hitkadmut: The Annual Hebrew Educators Conference provide both new and veteran Hebrew teachers, Hebrew leaders, and school administrators the opportunity to deepen and expand their skills and knowledge and further enhance their practice, including building towards a certificate in Hebrew language pedagogy. For more information, view our Professional Learning page or contact Dr. Rina Kreitman, Director of Professional Learning. Prizmah 2023 participants can receive a $10 discount off either the member or non-member rate of this year’s virtual  Hitkadmut conference (January 29-30, 2023) and an additional $10 off the already existing $40 discount for either of our six-session online courses: Hebrew and Israeli Culture: Through the Lens of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Winter & Second Language Acquisition: From Theory to Classroom Practice – Spring. 

Engaging with the Hebrew at the Center programs makes certain that your Hebrew faculty and school are a part of the larger Hebrew language pedagogic community, strengthening your Hebrew educators commitment and dedication to their craft and ensuring they are part of an innovative and supportive network of Hebrew language learning experts.
To learn more about any of these programs, or to put in place any of the Prizmah 2023 discounts, email Dr. Esty Gross, Chief of Staff & Director of Education, or Rabbi Andrew Ergas, CEO.