Yammei Iyyun - Symposia

Join Hebrew at the Center and other North American organizations as we respond to the events of October 7th and their impact on Israel and North America. Together, we are sparking meaningful community-wide conversations across the continent. Sponsored by local organizations, these day-long events will delve into how Jewish education, Israel engagement, and Hebrew language instruction can be revitalized to better prepare the next generation.

Through engaging keynote speeches, expert panel discussions, and focused small group sessions, attendees will collaborate and strategize for a more thoughtful and impactful approach. These events, held in centrally located Jewish spaces, aim to unite diverse perspectives committed to Israel and Jewish Peoplehood. Join us for a day of learning, thinking, and planning as we work together to shape the future of Jewish education.

Upcoming Yammei Iyyun

Yammei Iyyun are being planned for communities around North America.  Check back soon – we’ll share details as soon as we have them.